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I have always thought of myself as a "confident" woman. Most of the time I know what I want, I don't think I have any trouble expressing myself when I need something or when I need to get a point across. I am not shy and love to meet new people. So it was with much skepticism ("I don't really need this book") that I picked it up. And how glad I am that I did!

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This wonderful book is filled with anecdotes and humor and offers a "lifeboat" to women of all ages and stages of life. (Marjorie Hansen Shaevitz's) smart advice will show you how you can transcend any upbringing, adverse circumstances, trauma, and even illness to develop true and lasting confidence. She's phenomenal!

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The advice and information in this book are not limited to one age or stage in a woman's life: It is written for women of all ages, ending with an epilogue for mothers who want practical tips for raising confident daughters. You will definitely find yourself having favorite chapters you want to reread. I marked Chapter 4, "Some New Truths for Women to Live By," and Chapter 10, "Accentuating the Positive." (The Confident Woman) is well written, concise, and offers supportive advice, practical tips and resources. It is also a great resource for a workshop on confidence building.

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...a powerful, confident, and self-actualized woman, Shaevitz presents the steps you can take to empower yourself and create self-confidence. There's a ton of helpful material here: quotes, concepts, strategies, and questionnaires, all aimed at helping you figure out what you really want from life (work, home, relationships) and how to create the confidence to get yourself there. A nice touch at the end of each chapter is "the Break": a tip for some nice things you can do for yourself, like new flavors of tea, uplifting music, refreshing activities, relaxation alternatives, and book recommendations. This book will help you become a person who has a strong sense of herself, who takes good care of herself, who solves her own problems, who competently handles life's challenges, who chooses to spend time with loving, supportive people, who reads and is well educated, who loves her work and yet takes time for herself.

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