Comments About The Confident Woman

The Confident Woman increases self-awareness and self-understanding and in very concrete ways helps you to change your life. Each claim is well-supported by findings from social science research, but is delivered in such an open, human voice that you feel the author is sitting across from you in your living room (over tea) and speaking directly to you. Hansen-Shaevitz is compassionate and funny -- and among the wisest women I know.

Laura L. Carstensen
Professor of Psychology
Stanford University


What an amazing body of work Reading it is like being with your dearest, wisest, most loving friend.  This book is going to enlighten so many women -- it's a gift.  You are a gift.

Dale Steele
Co-Founder, Co-CEO
As We Change catalogue and Internet Marketplace


Incredible. The Confident Woman definitely has power. I immediately got sucked into the book and read the first 5 chapters. You, my dear, have a definite HOME RUN with this! It is kind, informative, well-written, fun. I can't wait to buy LOTS of copies and deliver them to many good friends and colleagues.

Charlotte Huggins
inWave Pictures


The Confident Woman is going to change people's lives. Marjorie Hansen Shaevitz's new book is a gift you can give others, but it is one you must give to yourself.

Susan Polis Schutz
Blue Mountain Arts card company


The Confident Woman... an insightful, sensitive, warm, practical, inspiring book that is bound to have a positive impact on those who read it. From the first "tea break" through the last "book break" it challenges readers to change their ways of thinking and acting, yet it also offers fun, easy tips for increasing confidence. While the book is a must-read for today's younger women, it is also for so many others. With each page I thought of another special person in my life with whom I wanted to share this wonderful gift... good friends, favorite aunts, sisters, my mom. It's also for the men in our lives-- husbands, fathers, brothers-- because The Confident Woman offers men important insights about women. Finally, this book is a special gift to its readers... it shows us, once and for all, how to value ourselves.

Kim Weiss
Immediate past Executive Director
National Association of Women Health Professionals


You have done an incredible amount of work and come up with a manual that is easy to read, personally warm and revealing, and my highest compliment: very practical and useful. I've been a therapist for over thirty years and a trainer for twenty four of those. Occasionally I find some book or tape that is so useful that I assign it to all my clients. I may change the ritual. I think I will make it a gift to the women with whom I work. They will love it and they will get the additional bonus of saving hundreds if not thousands of dollars seeing me. Is that what they call the gift that keeps on giving? Thank you for being you, for being generous of heart and for modeling courageous behavior in sharing you, in progress. That is what will touch peoples hearts, so few risk it.

Cathy Conheim, LCSW
President, The Athena Foundation
Co-Founder, The Real Women Project


Marjorie Shaevitz has done it again! The Confident Woman--like The Superwoman Syndrome--provides needed advice that "hits the mark" for today's women leaders. I will recommend it to all the women executives that I work with. Even more, The Confident Woman needs to be read by all leaders of the future, both women and men!

Marshall Goldsmith
The Leader of the Future and
The Organization of the Future
Wall Street Journal "Top 10"
executive development consultant


We have enjoyed your book tremendously--what a marvelous resource and gift thanks to what clearly was a mountain of effort! The Confident Woman has it all--poetry, thought-provoking facts, humor and humanity, generous suggestions, personal stories of success and learning. What a gift to the reader who realizes that a fulfilling life is an inside out job and the best gift we can give ourselves (and others) is to truly know ourselves...and then go for it!

Ken and Margie Blanchard
The One Minute Manager, Blanchard Training and


A step-by-step handbook, full of practical ideas and encouragement. Marjorie Hansen Shaevitz brings together a broad range of research and thinking and puts it into a down-to-earth format that shows women how they can acquire the basis for true and lasting self-confidence the ability to care for themselves emotionally, physically, intellectually, spiritually and socially. Especially useful for the highly accomplished woman who tries to do too much.

Sally Helgesen,
The Female Advantage: Women's Ways of Leadership


Without confidence, leadership is impossible. Without confidence, a fulfilling life is impossible. With the insight and wisdom gained from her vast personal experience and a rich research tradition, Marjorie Hansen Shaevitz offers us a new book, The Confident Woman, that will encourage each of us to be all that we were meant to be, and to contribute to the world from the depths of our own personal wisdom and experience. It is impossible to read this book and to remain limited by a lack of self-confidence.

Professor Nancy J. Adler
McGill University, Montreal
Author, Women in Management Worldwide and Competitive Frontiers: Women Managers in a Global Economy