Table of Contents


Part I: What Confidence Is All About

Who Am I To Be Telling You What To Do?

Chapter 1
How Confident Are You?

Chapter 2
Confidence Is Just Around the Corner


Part II: The Mystery of Lost Confidence

Why Women Lack Confidence

Chapter 3
Myths, Half-truths, Distorted Realties, Bogus Scientific Findings: History's "Weaker Sex" Take on Women

Chapter 4
Some New Truths for Women to Live By


Part III: Self-Inventory and Discovery

Getting to Know You, Getting to Know All About You

Chapter 5
Who Are You?

Chapter 6
What You Want in Your Friends And Work Colleagues

Chapter 7
What You Want from Work

Chapter 8
What You Want in a Home

Chapter 9
What Do You Want to Be? To Do? To Have?


Part IV: Developing Your Confidence

Let's Get Practical

Chapter 10
Accentuating the Positive...

Chapter 11
Eliminating the Negative

Chapter 12
Trusting Your "Gut"

Chapter 13
Taking Control of Your Life

Chapter 14
Taking Better Care Of Yourself


Final Thoughts
On Raising Confident Daughters