What The Confident Woman Is All About

You know how women take care of everybody and everything and never seem to get around to caring for themselves? Has it ever occurred to you that women literally have to be sick in order to rest, relax or do what they want? Well, this book shows women how to get beyond all that and live saner, happier, more fulfilling lives.

How often do you find yourself:

  • Working and doing in spite of being exhausted?
  • Saying yes when you really want to say no?
  • Spending time with people who are not good for you?
  • Feeling guilty if you even think about having some time alone?
  • Postponing having fun or relaxing until everything is fixed, finished, taken care of, completed, grown up, or paid for?

Somehow the way girls and women are socialized in this culture leads them to deny what they are feeling, and frequently lie to themselves about what they really want. Thoreau said that "The mass of men lead lives of quiet desperation." From twenty years of research and interviews with hundreds of women throughout the world, Marjorie Hansen Shaevitz has come to understand that many women are leading lives of quiet deprivation.

Women deprive themselves of:

  • sleep
  • healthy living habits
  • alone or down time
  • nourishing relationships
  • energy producing activities
  • fun and relaxation
  • beautiful, healing environments
  • serenity and calm
  • balance
  • meaningful work

Even more, women feel guilty unless they are "working and doing" twenty four hours a day, seven days a week. As a result, they end up perpetually depleted, unhealthy, needy, and "running on empty."

Many women experience the paradox of enjoying professional success and acting responsibly toward others while neglecting themselves. In The Confident Woman, Ms. Hansen Shaevitz explains why women have so many internal barriers to taking good care of themselves and realizing their own potential. She provides an open and shut case for why gaining confidence is smart, not selfish. She shows how everyone wins when women are more confident.

Hansen Shaevitz guides readers through seven life-changing steps to develop confidence in every realm of their lives:

  1. Knowing who you are, what you like and want, and acting on these things without fear or guilt.
  2. Thinking quality and acting confidently in everything you do, every day of your life.
  3. Focusing your time on who and what is positive in life, and eliminating who and what are not.
  4. "Trusting your gut" rather than always following othersŐ directives or advice.
  5. Taking care of yourself as well as you take care of others.
  6. Getting control of and bringing balance to your life
  7. Stopping your negative thinking--including guilt, worry and perfectionism

Filled with anecdotes and humor, The Confident Woman is for women of all ages and stages of life. The author demonstrates how any woman can transcend her upbringing, adverse circumstances, even trauma and illness to develop her confidence once she realizes that she can. Confidence is just around the corner for any woman who reads this book.